Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GigaPan - Part II

Well, I am finding that I love this Epic 100. I am really looking forward to GigaPan's release of their DSLR version. I think it'll be really nice to be able to use my Nikon camera and whatever lens I prefer.

That said, I had a pretty good time in Williamsburg and Jamestown Virginia with the Epic 100. Unfortunately a couple of panos were ruined due to the fact I knocked the calibration out of whack and didn't notice it. Operator error. Aside from that, my biggest issue was other tourists either just walking right in front of the camera (While looking at it, none the less) or tourists asking me what the heck that contraption was and what I was doing with it. I don't mind explaining what I'm doing and how the GigaPan works though. I enjoy promoting panoramic photography and all the tools that are out there. It's also great for someone to come up and say they've read all about it and were really excited to see it.

Anyways, here are a few images I took while out in Jamestown and Williamsburg. They're not wonderful, but I like a couple of them. Remember to check out Panorama - The Journal of Panoramic Imaging for my full review of the GigaPan Epic 100. Also, be sure to enter some images into the International Association of Panoramic Photographers 5th annual photo contest. (http://www.PanPhoto.com)

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