Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GigaPan - Part II.V

Well, after using the Nikon P6000 on my trip to Willamsburg and Jamestown I decided that it was not up to part. The GPS feature didn't work as well as desired and many other minor things that made the Canon G10 more worthwhile. So, from this point forward, all images that I post to here or (Search: akerson - and you'll find my images).

After playing around with the Canon G10, I've found it to be quite a nice camera. It seems a better build than the Nikon P6000 and it has more optical zoom. That allows me to make an even larger image due to the fact it'll have to take more images to create the panorama or mosaic. The image quality seems a bit better, too. One major feature that I'm impressed with is it's ability

Anyways, just for the record, all images from this point forward will be with the Canon G10. I use a Promaster (AKA Repackaged Delkin) 16GB memory card, the GigaPan Epic 100 and a Gitzo tripod and head.

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