Thursday, March 6, 2014

After a number of years removed of doing photography, I have decided to pick up the camera once again. Photography has changed vastly in the past few years and it's pretty amazing. The process of editing has gotten much more push-button and less labor intensive. Creating my panoramic images takes just as much time but everything else has seemingly gone streamline. I jumped back in with a Nikon D610 and absolutely love it. I decided to take the "normal" (50mm) route to get my footing again but will soon be picking up a Nikon Nikkor 24mm PC-E N lens soon enough. After spending a lot of time in large format photography I have learned to enjoy the simplicity of prime lenses and their sharpness. Add in to the fact that the lack of pin cousin and other degrading factors of zooms I have decided it would be better to stick to primes. I plan to purchase a number of lenses, including some form of zoom for ease of use, but intend to stick to prime lenses as I feel that it forces me to think harder about making a photograph than ripping shots off with zooms at various focal lengths. I recently updated my website and have been going through the archives to find work to add that I haven't before. That has been a wonderful experience, enjoying images that I had once written off. I also have started up taking some of the images, and new ones, adding them to my iStock gallery. I used to be very against microstock but now see it's value in bringing in extra money with work I already have. I have a few trips in the near future planned, so keep visiting my website to see the new work!

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